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Forest Loader P.A.S. 1000

Technical data
Model:P.A.S. 1000
Max arm length (mm):6500
Max height (mm):7000
Max depth (mm):3000
Lifting weight in outstretched arm (Kg):1000
Loader weight (Kg):1810
Rotation:360° (continued)
Fifth wheel diameter (mm):880
Telescope length (mm):800
Oil system (L):75
PTO (rpm):540
Working pressure (bar):160
Power required (Hp):120/180

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Per questo modello non è disponibile il braccio reversibile a Z

Standard equipment:
• The driving position with the seat
• Pump with oil reservoir
• Hydraulic telescopic arm
• Independent hydraulic feet

• Closed bucket
• Excavating bucket 30 cm
• Excavating bucket 40 cm
• Ditch cleaning bucket
• Manure fork
• Joystick controls
• Radio control
• Servo control
• Multiplier with tail shaft passer
• Mounting brackets
• Continuous rotor QL 46 RBI
• Grapple for trunks mm 1500

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