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Bushcutters D.A.S. series 3 R

Technical data
Model:DAS 500/3 RDAS 550/3 RDAS 600/3 R
Maximum extension (mm):520057006300
Weight (Kg):95010001050
Oil reservoir (L):210210210
Rotor (Rpm):300030003000
P.d.f. (Rpm):540540540
Head angle:190°190°190°
Headboard available (mm):1000/12001000/12001000/1200
Power required (Hp):80/10090/110100/130

Measure A (mm):405045505050
Measure B (mm):525057506250
Measure C (mm):285032503650
Measure D (mm):545058506350
Measure E (mm):105011501250
Measure F (mm):130013001300

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Standard equipment:
• Universal three point hitch
• Controls with cable mm 2500
• Reversible cutter hydraulic motor 55 HP
• Cutting rotation inverter
• Floating system (selflevelling the ground)
• Hydraulic rotation of safety
• Roller adjustable in height
• Adjustable front protection
• Rear protection
• Direct transmission
• Oil cooler
• Oleo gear on the first arm

• Electrical panel commands
• Electric controls with joystick
• Electric remote control
• PTO shaft
• Hydraulic swivel head
• Mechanical swivel head
• The telescopic arm on the first arm
• The telescopic arm on second arm
• Hydraulic safety on second arm
• Transmission with belt
• Cutter bar
• Navigation bar
• Fixing the tractor pullers

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