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Str. Monasterolo, 88
12038 - Savigliano (CN)
Tel: 0172 21847 - Fax: 0172 21847
E-mail: info@agrisav.it

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The firm Agri Sav is located in Savigliano, Cuneo Province, the "Granda", agricultural area par excellence where lowland agriculture prevails, without forgetting the hills and mountains that surround us, with their famous products worldwide.

Our company from 1954 builds, sells and repairs machines for agriculture.

From small plows up to 5 furrows ,growing up, today we can satisfy our customers with all the machinery for tillage. (E.g. small plows, loaders, forestry loaders, bushcutters etc.)

Our passion for the land, and our professionalism, guaranteeing our clients a productive technological product in step with the times, aware and experts in what we do. Attentive to the needs of the small farmer, peasant Cuneo reality, as the contractor, Agri Sav offers not only quality machines, but especially innovation, experience, commitment and efficient services to ensure our customers the security of a success of their work in the fields.

Our loader in 1954 Our loader today.